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Confidentiality and Protection of Your Information

How do we proceed and what do we do with the documents provided to us?
Let's assume that you provide us with copies
of the protocol (synopsis),
the patient information sheet,
and / or further information
about the study project. These do not necessarily have to be the final versions. We also accept drafts for the time being. Our team will now read and analyze them and make an initial risk assessment.
The relevant information will be condensed, after which we will present our summary to selected and first-class insurance companies. By first-class, we mean those with an experienced underwriting team familiar with the world of pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers and contract researchers. They will, in close consultation with us, assess the risks associated with the clinical trial and calculate the insurance premium. The whole process will then result in a quotation for the coverage you require. Similarly, any necessary reinsurance is initiated by the primary insurer. All parties involved are obliged to keep information strictly confidential. This is an absolutely normal procedure in the insurance industry, without which we could never carry out our business.

Of course, we are happy to set this down in writing in a mutual confidentiality agreement.

Partnership is very important to us
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